Did PMO Just Blamed Modi For Destroying Institutions?

New Delhi: How about the Prime Minister’s Office criticising the Prime Minister himself. Surprised! If you have missed it, visit the PMO’s twitter handle without missing a second. Chances are the tweet quoting Narendra Modi as blaming himself for destroying the institutions in the country could be pulled down any time soon.

The PMO put out a series of tweets on Thursday evening quoting the PM during his reply in Parliament to the President’s address. The language of one of the tweets apparently suggested that the PM was holding himself responsible and acceding to the Opposition charges that he was systematically damaging the institutes by allegedly snatching their autonomy.

“Congress misuses Article 356 several times…but Modi is destroying institutions:PM”, the tweet said.

What the PM meant was that Congress which has misused the Article 356, is blaming Modi for destroying the institutions. But twitter users, perhaps, got the nuances wrong.

The moment the tweet was put out, it went viral on social media and became a subject of ridicule from his followers. At the time of writing this article, the tweet has been liked more than 9000 times, retweeted more than 4000 times, and has seen close to 1500 replies.

The interesting bit was the PMO, the highest office in the land, hadn’t amended the language despite the twitter users failing to understand the underlying meaning of it,, having taken aim at him.

Reactions were equally scornful, evoking taunt, sarcasm and satire.



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