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Mask Usage Declining, Worried Health Ministry Warns People

New Delhi: The Union Health ministry is extremely worried about the declining usage of masks and warned people not to lose the habit as the threat of third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic looms.

Most states are gradually opening up and several activities are resuming, but unfortunately lesser number of people are wearing the face cover while stepping out of home, joint secretary Lav Agarwal said on Friday.

It was revealed in a graph that usage of mask increased from March-April and reached its peak in May, when the second wave was peaking, but the trend has been on the decline in June and July. The projection is that usage of masks will decline further, prompting the government to warn the public.

“We have to guard against this decline projected in this analysis,” Agarwal said.

The Health ministry earlier listed four reasons why people avoid masks. Some are avoiding masks due to breathing problems and discomfort, while some others believe that mask doesn’t help in prevention of COVID-19. Another group of people feel that mask is not required if social distancing is maintained.