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Load Shedding: Centre Warns States Of Withdrawing Their Quota From Its Pool

New Delhi: With the thermal power stations grappling with acute coal shortage, leading some states to resort to load shedding, the Centre on Tuesday warned of tough actions against the states which are selling electricity in the power exchange at high price instead of supplying to consumers.

As per the guidelines of allocation of power, 15% power from the Central Generating Stations (CGS) are kept under “unallocated power” which is allocated by the Central government to needy states to meet the requirement of their consumers.

The Power Ministry in a release said it has been found that some states were not supplying power to their consumers and imposing load shedding. At the same time, they were also selling power in the power exchange at high price.

Since it is the responsibility of the distribution companies to supply power first to the consumers who have the right to receive 24×7 power, they should not sell the power in the power exchange and starve their own consumers, the ministry said.

Requesting the states to use the ‘unallocated power’ to supply to the consumers, the ministry said in case of surplus power, they should inform the Centre so that the surplus power can be reallocated to other needy states.

The ministry also warned that if any state is found selling power in the power exchanges at higher rate instead of supplying to their consumers, the ‘unallocated power’ will be withdrawn.

It may be noted that over half of the country’s 135 power plants had coal stock of less than two days against the requirement of maintaining 15-30 days’ stock till Monday. These plants meet around 70% of the country’s power needs.

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