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Know Who Was Director Ram Madhvani & Netflix’s First Choice For ‘Aarya’

Mumbai: Ram Madhvani’s series – Aarya with which Sushmita Sen made a phenomenal comeback to entertainment after a hiatus of 10 years, was reportedly first offered to Raveena Tandon.

“Netflix and Ram Madhvani wanted Raveena for Aarya. This was when the original script was converted from a feature film to a full-fledged web series. Kajol was to do Aarya as a feature film with Ajay Devgn as producer. Eventually, the project passed on from Kajol and Devgn to Netflix. Director Ram Madhvani and Netflix were then keen on Raveena Tandon to play the protagonist Aarya Sareen,” a source from the core team told Bollywood Hungama.

Raveena, however, declined the offer, the report added.

Aarya’s season 2, also featuring Susmita, is steaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

Notably, the actress recently made her way back digitally through Netflix thriller series Aranyak.

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