It Is Shivering, Buy Yourself A Room-Heater!

Bhubaneswar: Temperature has breached the sub-10 degrees mark in the twin-cities and are you wondering which room heater is a good option for you. Read on.

There are three main types of room heaters – fan-based, infra-red (also known as halogen/quartz) and oil based.

    1. Fan heaters (start at Rs 1000)

      Fan based heaters have a heating coil with a blower that spreads heat throughout the room. Unlike halogen heaters, these heat the room faster. They can be used to heat bigger rooms as well. Fan-based heaters usually consume around 2000 watts. They are relatively simple devices, having a heating coil, thermostat and fan blower and are hence very popular.

2. Halogen/Infra-red heaters (start at Rs 500)

Halogen heaters have tubes filled with halogen gas and radiate heat when switched on. They are very efficient and cheap as well. Since there is no fan, there is no noise. The power consumption is usually 800 watts for a twin tube configuration (400 watts per tube). A disadvantage is that it takes longer to heat than fan-based heaters.

3. Oil-filled heaters (start at Rs 6000)

Oil-filled heaters are the most efficient room heaters and hence come at a premium price. Oil is heated through a heating coil and heat is spread through the radiator. Oil stores the heat and radiates for a longer duration and this makes oil-based heaters most effective.

Brands Available:

Bajaj, Philips, Usha, Orpat, Morphy Richards, Havells, Eveready, Crompton and many other brands make room heaters. Go for the one that has a good service network in your area.

Whichever room heater you buy, make sure to avoid the ones with exposed metallic grills if you have children. Also, do not use a 15Amp to 5Amp convertor. It is safer to install a 15Amp socket.

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