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Indian Railways Uses UV Robots To Disinfect Train

New Delhi: With the COVID-19 pandemic not fading away, organizations are finding innovative ways to sanitize. Taking a cue from airlines, the Delhi Division of Indian Railways has started using robots with UV (Ultra-Violet) lights to disinfect seats and interiors in a Shatabdi Express.

This would help keep the virus at bay and make travel a bit safer.

“To prevent the spread of pandemic, Delhi Division has started ‘Technology driven Disinfection through UVC Robots’ having UVC light for 100% disinfection of compartment area in coach,” Ministry of Railways tweeted.

The robot has extendable arms fitted with UVC lights. It goes automatically beaming the UV lights onto the seats and other surfaces. It takes a little more than two minutes to sanitize one compartment, making it one of the fastest methods of doing so. UVC lights are harmful for human eyes and skin, and hence the robot is used.

The New Delhi-Lucknow Shatabdi Express is the first train in which this has been used.

UVC lights are popularly being used in hospitals, flights, and many other places to sanitize and sterilize.