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India Alert: Taliban Leader Says They Will Speak For Muslims In Kashmir

Kabul: Even as India waits and watches the transition in Afghanistan following the Taliban taking control of the war-torn country, the insurgent group has raised a red flag for New Delhi.

A Taliban spokesman said that it has the right to speak out in favour of Muslims anywhere in the world, including in Kashmir.

“We will raise our voice and say that Muslims are your own people, your own citizens and they are entitled to equal rights under your law,” Taliban’s spokesman of its political office in Doha, Suhail Shaheen, told BBC Urdu.

He also said that the Taliban, which is expected to unveil its government soon, have “no policy of conducting armed operations against any country.”

The credibility of the Taliban – who call themselves the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan — is not very high as they have known to say things and act differently.

India recently established its first formal contact with the Taliban after it completed the takeover of Afghanistan by moving into Kabul on August 15. New Delhi has asked the Taliban regime to ensure that the soil of Afghanistan is not used by terrorist groups against India.

Shaheen’s remarks on Kashmir follow Al Qaeda’s congratulatory message for the Taliban and calling for the liberation of Kashmir.