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Husband Sews Up Wife’s Genitals, She Asks Police Not To Arrest Him!

New Delhi: Anything can happen in Indian society in the name of policing women. In a bizarre incident, a man stitched his wife’s genitals because he suspected she was cheating on him in Madhya Pradesh’s Singrauli district. However, the woman asked the police not to take any stern action against her husband despite the torture she had to endure.

According to a report by NDTV, she requested the police to just scold her husband to ensure that he doesn’t repeat this. “A case has been filed against the accused after his wife reported the matter,” Anil Sonkar, Singrauli Assistant Superintendent of police was quoted as saying. The man is currently on the run, he added.

A similar incident took place in March this year, when a man from UP sewed up his wife’s genitals with an aluminium thread over suspicion of her engaging in an illicit affair.

The alleged incident took place in Milak area in Uttar Pradesh’s Rampur district after the husband who works as a driver asked his wife to take a fidelity test.

On the approval of the wife to undergo this test, the man tied her hands and legs and stitched up her genitals. After committing the heinous crime, the man fled the premises.

According to a report by India Today, after her husband fled leaving her bleeding profusely, the 24-year-old wife contacted her mother who then took the victim to a community health centre and also lodged a complaint against her son-in-law at Milak police station.

A medical examination was conducted on the woman which confirmed the assault. Rampur Superintendent of Police (SP) also confirmed that the woman had suffered serious injuries and assured that proper treatment will be given to her.

The police also informed that the accused was taken into custody later in the day.