New Google Messaging Protocol To Replace SMS; Threat To WhatsApp?

Google has introduced a new messaging protocol that is meant to replace SMS. The new protocol has advanced features such as file transfers, typing indicators, etc. This is somewhat like WhatsApp, albeit with lesser features.

A Universal Profile for RCS was released by GSMA in 2016. It has been supported by 47 mobile operators, 11 smartphone makers, and 2 operating system makers. Google has since been working on this “Jibe Cloud” platform to implement the RCS Universal Profile.

RCS works on WiFi or mobile data. As this would eat into cellular providers’ revenues, Google announced that it will roll out RCS support as an opt-in service through the “Messages” app.

Any Android smartphone user on any telecom operator can now opt-in for RCS.

RCS is expected to replace SMS, which was launched around 27 years back.


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