Geological Survey Of India Finds Sign of Gold Deposits In Odisha

Odisha has been known as a mineral rich state for decades. Many a mine are operating in many parts of Odisha. Recently, the Geological Survey of India (GSI) has found the presence of many valuable minerals in Odisha.

Eight blocks have been marked in this regard – Gold in Deogarh Block, Copper and Nickel in Keshavpur in Mayurbhanj, copper in Adas Deogarh, Platinum and Chromium at Baula in Sukinda, Jajpur, lead and zinc at Sargipalli in Sundargarh and diamond at Kalmidadar in Nuapada, according to a report published in an Odia daily.

The GSI has decided to conduct helicopter Electromagnetic Burn Survey in these blocks to get a proper estimate of the amount of metals in these areas and if they are worth mining.

Earlier, surveys were done with help of drilling to find out about stored minerals. This is the first time that electromagnetic survey will be done in Odisha. The GSI conducted a workshop in this regard on Thursday where different aspects of the survey were discussed. Present at the workshop were GSI Remote Sensing and Aerial Surveys (RSAS) Director NK Sarkar, Dr MM Mohanty, LL Biswakarma, Dr BK Sahu and Geophysicist PC Das.

The last aerial survey to be done by Odisha government was in 1997 on 75,000 square kilometre area in North-West Odisha. But the information garnered from the survey was not studied.

Recently, the Odisha government had handed the survey report to the GSI, which in turn sent the report to IDPEX Pvt Ltd for studying the findings. Many things came forth from this study, including information about which mineral can be found in which area. The report will be given to the state government after an elaborate study, it added.

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