‘Enough Of Bollywood I Resign’, Says ‘Thappad’ Director Anubhav Sinha

Mumbai: The ‘Thappad’ ‘Mulk’ and ‘Article 15’ director, Anubhav Sinha is clearly disillusioned with Bollywood. He tweeted that he has had ‘enough’ and is ‘resigning’ from Bollywood. Film industry colleagues Sudhir Mishra and Hansal Mehta were quick to follow suit and posted similar tweets.

“ENOUGH!!! I hereby resign from Bollywood. Whatever the f*** that means.”

Sudhir Mishra tweeted:

Anubhav responded inlai apni lakuti kamariya bahutahin nach nachayo’ from a popular verse from Hindi poet Surdas’ poem ‘Maiya Mori Main Nahin Maakhan Khayo’ which means ‘take this, your sticks and blanket, you have made me dance a lot, reported Hindustan Times (HT).

Director Hansal Mehta joined in to say that he too had quit and wrote: “Chhod diya. It never existed in the first place.”

Anubhav has changed his Twitter name, which now reads: Anubhav Sinha (Not Bollywood).

Anubhav Sinha (Not Bollywood)
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