Donkey’s Milk Anyone? It’s Being Sold For Rs 10,000 A Litre!

Maharashtra: Have you ever heard about humans drinking donkey’s milk? Well, it is being sold for Rs 10,000 per litre in Umarga town here. Donkey milk is known to boost immune function and circulation and ten traders here are selling it door to door at a cost of Rs 100 for 10 ml, Firstpost reported quoting Lokmat.

Why is it in demand?

About 80 percent of the bacteria in donkey milk is lactic acid bacteria, making it effective in preventing stomach upsets. Livestock Development Officer Dr Dattatraya Ingole told Lokmat it has been used to treat heart ailments, infectious diseases, liver related diseases, fever and asthma, leading to a rise in the demand and price of donkey milk.

A year earlier, Matrubhumi quoted a donkey farmer as saying that donkey milk was selling for almost Rs 5,000 per litre, the report added.

While cow and goat milk are protein-rich, donkey milk is known to be rich in trace elements, including vitamins and minerals.

Here are some more facts

  • Some researchers believe it might help treat type II diabetes, but there is not yet any medical research to back this up and more studies are needed, reports WebMD.
  • Donkey milk is less allergenic than cow’s milk and closer to human milk, and is hence fed to infants.
  • It doesn’t usually contain the foodborne pathogens found in other kinds of milk, giving a longer shelf life.
  • It is also a component of cosmetics and has a reputation for skin hydration.
  • It can be frozen to be converted into a beauty powder.

How popular is donkey milk in India?

Donkey milk is considered a specialty item, as one donkey produces only about a litre of milk daily, says a HealthLine report. Though not widely available in India, it may be found in yogurts and cheeses, in powdered form and some imported chocolates. Although popular all over Europe, donkey milk is also found in infant formulas and medical food in Italy.

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