Diesel Loco Shed In Visakhapatnam Develops Device To Produce Oxygen For COVID Patients

Bhubaneswar: In the light of high demand of oxygen by COVID-19 patients, the Diesel Loco Shed at Visakhapatnam has come up with a humidifier designed in-house that modifies industrial oxygen to clinical oxygen.

The Loco Shed has modified the existing industrial oxygen regulator to meet the requirement for suppling oxygen through an in-house fabricated humidifier for supplying oxygen to the patients in case of urgency.

The device is fabricated by utilising different components to suit the requirement of Divisional Railway Hospital at Waltair for supplying oxygen to the patients.

After its successful test at Divisional Railway Hospital for its workability, 15 such devices have been handed over to Divisional Railway Hospital, Waltair. The cost for such modification of one device is about Rs 475 excluding industrial oxygen regulator.

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