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Did PM Modi Send Rs 1.6 Lakh To This Man’s Account As Financial Aid?

New Delhi: In a classic case of naivety, a resident of Bihar’s Khagaria who received Rs 1.61 lakh in his account after a bank error actually believed it was sent by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as financial aid. Now he refuses to let go of the money.

A staffer of the Dakshin Gramin Bank’s Bakhtiyarpur branch in Mansi block erroneously transferred the money from one account holder to another.

When Ranjit Kumar Das saw the excess Rs 1,60,970 in his account, he couldn’t believe his luck. He started withdrawing the amount in small portions and ended up spending a significant sum, India Today reported.

All throughout, he believed that the money was deposited by the government as financial assistance and was part of a scheme by PM Narendra Modi.

Later, when the bank realised its mistake, officials started asking Ranjit to return the money. However, he insisted that PM Modi had sent him the money as financial assistance and he wouldn’t return the amount.

The Dakshin Gramin Bank staff then issued a notice in Ranjit’s name. However, he still refused to return the money. This is when the branch manager, Satyanarayan Prasad, lodged a police complaint against Ranjit at the Mansi police station.

The money was wrongfully transferred from the account of 85-year-old Tara Devi and sent to Ranjit Kumar Das. Even as the bank was pleading with Ranjit to return the money, Tara Devi was worried after her life’s savings disappeared suddenly.

After a complaint by her family, the bank manager finally acted against Ranjit, the report added.