Dhanteras: Why Is It Celebrated? Here’s What You Should Buy & Avoid

New Delhi: Today is Dhanteras. It is also referred to as Dhanatrayodashi, which signifies the onset of the five-day Diwali festival. People worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber while acquiring specific items believed to usher in prosperity.

Dhanteras is also known by other names – Dhanvantari Trayodashi, Dhantrayodishi and Yamadeepdaan. The term “Dhanteras” is a combination of two words – ‘Dhan,’ meaning wealth, and ‘Teras,’ signifying the 13th day. Therefore, Dhanteras refers to the 13th day of the month of Kartik when deities associated with wealth are worshipped.

One of the prominent and significant rituals of Dhanteras involves the purchase of gold, silver, and utensils. Acquiring these items is believed to multiply their count by 13, imparting blessings from Lord Kuber, the deity associated with wealth.

In villages across the country, people worship domestic animals because they believe their income and livelihood depend on these animals. Therefore, they feel it’s essential to worship them as a source of income.

Here’s what you should buy and not buy on this day:

Utensils, Buy: Buying new kitchen utensils on Dhanteras symbolises the enhancement of prosperity and abundance in the kitchen and household. It is better to choose items made of brass and copper rather than iron or steel for this purpose

Appliances and gadgets, Buy: It has become common for people to contemplate the purchase of electronic gadgets and appliances on Dhanteras. So, go ahead.

Vehicles, Buy: People regard Dhanteras an auspicious occasion to acquire vehicles such as cars or motorcycles, as it is believed to usher in success in their journeys and endeavors.

Gold, Buy: Acquiring gold items is a customary practice on Dhanteras, but don’t buy fake items.

Iron, Don’t Buy: Avoid purchasing sharp objects like knives and scissors on Dhanteras, as it is believed to potentially bring bad luck to the household.

Oil/ghee, Don’t Buy: It is deemed inauspicious to buy oil-related products such as ghee, butter, and mustard oil on Dhanteras. Since oil is a significant component required for the festival, it is recommended to purchase it a day before the actual celebration

Sharp objects, Don’t Buy: Purchasing sharp objects like knives, scissors, pins, and similar items are traditionally believed to be associated with bringing bad luck to the family.

Broom, Buy if you have to: Buying a broom is considered auspicious. It symbolises the removal of financial worries related to one’s home.

Steel, Don’t Buy: Contrary to what many people believe, steel is regarded as inauspicious during Dhanteras as it is derived from iron. Instead, consider purchasing utensils made of brass or copper

Glassware, Don’t Buy: Glassware and items made of glass are also regarded as inauspicious to purchase on this day, and they are associated with various myths in India.

Aluminium and plastic products, Don’t Buy: Stay away from aluminium and plastic products during Dhanteras.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has greeted the nation on the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras. He sought the blessings of Lord Dhanvantari and wished that all the citizens remain healthy, prosperous and happy, so that the determination of a developed India continues to get new energy.

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