Denied Ticket, Maha Cong Leader Takes Away Office Chairs To Block Meetings

Aurangabad: There are various ways of lodging protest after being denied party tickets. While some leaders taking things the gentleman way and prefer to carry on, some defect to rival parties and some end up spewing venom on the party leadership.

But Congress lawmaker Abdul Sattar from Maharashtra found a unique way out to register his discontentment.

As reported by ANI, Sattar took away 300 chairs from the Gandhi Bhawan, which is Congress’ Party office in the city of Aurangabad.

Following his bizarre act, no meetings of the party were held in the office due to the scarcity of seats. In order to accommodate MLAs and party workers, chairs had to be brought in from the Akhil Bharatiya Kisan Congress (ABKC) office.

“Today we got to know that someone has taken chairs from the Gandhi Bhawan and hence there were no seating arrangements here so we brought these chairs from the ABKC office,” Mohammed Usmani, ABKC chief told ANI.

Maharashtra will vote for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in three phases.

The polling dates are April 10, 17 and 24.

As Sattar continued to dominate headline in his state, so did a Lok Sabha candidate from Tamil Nadu who arrived to file his nomination with utensils full of coins as security money.  His enthusiasm knew no bounds after having got the party ticket for the Lok Sabha elections.

The leader arrived for filing his nominations depositing Rs 25,000 election security money in coins. He stored the coins in utensils of various shapes and sizes. The video of his nomination filing event has gone viral on social media.

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