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Demand To Ban Controversial Movie ‘Why I killed Gandhi’

Mumbai: The controversial movie ‘Why I killed Gandhi’ has run into rough weather.

Based on the statement of Mahatma Gandhi’s killer Nathuram Godse to the special court, explaining his reason behind assassinating Bapuji, the film is scheduled to be release on OTT platform on January 30, Gandhi’s death anniversary.

But there has been a demand from several quarters to ban the movie.

Congress has said it will request Maharashtra chief minister Uddav Thackeray to ban ‘Why I killed Gandhi’.

The party’s state unit chief Nana Patole said on Sunday it’s unacceptable if Mahatma Gandhi’s murderer is portrayed as a hero, ANI reported.

“If you portray Gandhiji’s murderer as a hero, it’s not acceptable. Our country is known through Gandhi and his ideology. He is celebrated worldwide. Congress will oppose it,” Patole was quoted as saying.

All India Cine Workers Association (AICWA) has also demanded a complete ban.

AICWA has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that the film glorifies Godse, the ‘traitor and killer of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi.

“Gandhiji is someone who is admired by entire INDIA and the world… Gandhiji’s ideology is a symbol of Love and Sacrifice for each and every Indian,” stated the letter.

“Nathuram Godse doesn’t deserve an inch of respect by anyone in this country… the actor who played the role of Nathuram Godse is a sitting MP in Lok Sabha and is under the oath of Indian Constitution. If this movie releases, the entire nation will be shocked and devastated by the display of the heinous crime which occurred on January 30, 1948,” the letter further stated.

Marathi actor Amol Kolhe, a Nationalist Congress Party MP, has essayed Godse’s role in the movie. He has been facing severe criticism from his own party as well as political opponents.

Kolhe defended his decision, saying that he accepted the role only to challenge himself as an artist, and that said he does not support Godse’s ideology.

The actor-politician asserted he is a “firm believer” in Gandhian thoughts.

Another film titled ‘Godse’ was announced on Gandhiji’s birth anniversary last year.