Pristine Beauty Of Odisha’s Dargudishila Beckons Tourists

Ghasipura: Dargudishila may not rank high on India’s tourist map but it occupies a pride of place on Odisha’s tourist map. The discerning traveller has and will and does find his way to this bounty of nature in Odisha every year. Lack of infrastructure is no deterrent to an avid traveller who loves to be in the lap of nature. This is true of Dargudishila, a scenic spot in the hilly and mineral-rich Keonjhar district, located in Ananadapur sub-division. Come winter and tourists begin trickling in here. 

Locals wish there was more footfall here considering it has everything to offer, hills, greenery and a river. However, they also admit that inadequate facilities keep many potential tourists away. The situation has become slightly better after a road was laid to reach this place. 

To reach here, one one has to take a turn from NH-20 at Ghaipura Chhak while going towards Ghatagaon Tarini shrine. It is a beautiful 16 km drive from here on a road lined by sal and teak trees on both sides. 

What enchants visitors to this place are the foggy winter mornings that lasts till afternoon and the Baitarani river that meanders through the forest.

The place assumed importance after work for a hydro power project valued at Rs 5 crore started on the river.

Locals say they get a lot of feedback from the tourists who come here. Many of them say the government should grant it a tourism status and develop it accordingly. They say its vast tourism potential should be exploited to benefit both the state and the local people.


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