Congress Releases ‘Black Paper’ On Failures Of Modi Govt In Last 10 Years

New Delhi: Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge on Thursday released a ‘black paper’ to counter the Centre’s much-talked-about ‘white paper’ that is expected to be presented by Union finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

The ‘white paper’ will be presented during the current Budget Session of Parliament.

“Today, we are bringing out a ‘black paper’ against the government. Whenever PM (Narendra) Modi presents his views in Parliament, he hides his failures. At the same time, when we speak about the failures of the government, it is not given importance. Therefore, we want to bring out a black paper and tell the public about the failures of the government,” Kharge told a presser.

The ‘Black Paper’ is said to highlight the ‘failures’ such as unemployment, inflation and farmers’ distress, among a few.

“Congress ensured country’s independence and in 2024, it will take the country out of BJP’s ‘darkness of injustice. There is a danger to democracy in the country…In last 10 years, 411 MLAs were taken by the BJP. They toppled so many Congress governments. They are finishing democracy,” Kharge further said.

The Congress leader asserted that the Centre has “purposely” been halting funds under a “conspiracy”. “Centre does not disburse required funds to the non-BJP states and instead argues that allocated funds were not spent. But this is not how it works…the additional funds must be allocated immediately as it gets utilised (by the state) to ensure smooth flow of work. Discrimination is is being done with non-BJP states like Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana…” he added.

Kharge criticised the central government for its inability to manage inflation. “When there is an inflation, their friends import from outside on a ship that remains on sea to avoid taxes. They dock the ship by the port only when there is sharp increase in the prices.”

“They (the government) compare inflation data from the time of Jawahar Lal Nehru and Indira Gandhi…you are ruling today, what steps have you taken to curb the inflation is important,” he added.

Kharge said the government even disappointed the farmers who protested against “three back laws” for almost a year before rolling them back. “They promised to increase MSP for farmers, double their income…where has it been implemented? No answers are given to these question in Parliament.”

“They harass industries by sending Enforcement Directorate and Central Bureau of Intelligence notices to funds their election campaigns through electoral bonds,” Kharge alleged.

The Congress leader, who was the PM’s target during his Motion of Thanks speech in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday, hit back saying the PM has said “countless false things” against the previous UPA governments.

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