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Congress Fissures Resurface: Don’t Know Who Takes Decisions, Says Kapil Sibal

New Delhi: The fissures within Congress came out in the open once again with Kapil Sibal expressing his resentment over the functioning of the party.

The senior leader said that the party has no president at present and hence he doesn’t know who takes decisions.

“We know and yet we don’t know,” was Sibal’s sarcastic comment.

He was obviously referring to the crisis Congress faces in Punjab, where long-standing leader and two-time CM Captain Amarinder Singh felt ‘humiliated’ and resigned after the party seemed to back Navjyot Singh Sidhu.

With two camps clearly divided, the party finally chose Dalit leader Charanjit Singh Channi as the compromise CM candidate. Now, Sidhu has resigned as Punjab Congress president while Amarinder has called on Union Home Minister Amit Shah, further fuelling speculation of his joining the saffron party.

Sibal, who is part of the disgruntled G-23 group in Congress, said it was ironic that those who were considered to be close to the party’s high command have deserted them while they are still standing by.

He reiterated that the party must listen to the point of view of all its leaders and introspect. “Democracy cannot be worked by 20 men sitting at the centre,” Sibal said.

He added that G-23 will continue to raise issues that need to be addressed.

“It is very clear. We are G-23, not Ji Huzoor 23. We will keep talking. We will continue to reiterate our demands,” Sibal said.

Sibal and like-minded Congress leaders want interim party president Sonia Gandhi to immediately convene a working committee meeting, where “a dialogue can take place as to why we are in this state.”