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CBI Issues Dress Code For Officials

New Delhi: The CBI Director, Subodh Kumar Jaiswal, has directed all officials of the agency to be dressed in formals on duty, warning them that casual dressing will not be allowed.

In an order issued by the Deputy Director Administration, it has been made clear that while all male staff should be dressed in trousers, collared shirts and formal shoes with proper shaving, women will wear suits, saris, formal shirts and trousers.

“No jeans, T-shirts, sports shoes, chappals (slippers) and casual attire are allowed in the office,” news agency PTI quoted the order as saying.

The directive was issued after it was noticed that some staff members were not “attired properly” in office.

CBI officials are supposed to dress formally, but recently some started wearing casuals to office which was noticed by the new director.