Bolo Ta Ra Ra Ra! What Is Daler Mehndi Singing Now?

New Delhi: Singer Daler Mehndi whose popular Punjabi songs are a hit to this day and are played all over the country, announced a special performance in the metaverse to mark the celebration of the 73rd Republic Day. With this, Mehndi becomes the first Indian artist to perform in the metaverse for his audience.

What is metaverse?

It is a virtual network where people can take virtual interactions to the next level. In other words, it is a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users.

Indians are taking keenly to the trend, with many metaverse startups coming out of the country.

The singer posted a video on his Instagram saying that he will perform at a concert in Party Nite, one of the first metaverse spaces to come out of the country. Party Nite, marketed as “India’s own metaverse,” allows people to create avatars, play games, and earn NFTs. Party Nite is a “digital parallel universe, powered by blockchain where people can hang out with friends as customisable avatars, meet new people as well as joint parties and events,” according to the metaverse website. The platform also allows users to claim, mint, and sell digital collectables like NFTs.

Mehndi’s performance in Party Nite began at 12 pm (noon) IST today. The famous Punjabi singer will perform some of his top tracks during the concert.

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