Body Cameras To Monitor Conduct Of Police Personnel In This State

Gandhinagar: Police personnel in Gujarat from the rank of sub-inspector will be equipped with body cameras, that will be connected to a control room to monitor how cops conduct themselves.

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said during a press conference that cameras will be pinned on police uniforms and the live feed will be streamed to a control room, reported Hindustan Times.

The first phase will cover sub-inspectors and inspectors of traffic department.

“The tendering process to procure body cameras is in the final stages. Police personnel are protectors and they should never hurt innocent people,” the chief minister informed.

“Using these cameras, which will remain on all the time, we can monitor the conduct of policemen towards public,” he added.

The CM felt that the cameras will not only ensure better behaviour of police persons towards citizens, but also protect them from false allegations.

Police forces in the US and several other countries have been using body cameras for many years.

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