Blooming Creepers To Enhance Bhubaneswar’s Aesthetic Appeal

Bhubaneswar: The city will bear a greener and more aesthetic look in the near future to give some eye-relief from concrete structures that abound everywhere. The project will be undertaken by Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) and Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) in parks, roadside spaces and under flyover spaces.


The BDA and BMC have hit upon the idea of decorating non-flowering trees and under flyover spaces with indigenous and other ornamental creepers, so that they attract the gaze of passersby.

Apart for serving practical purposes like erosion control, weed suppression etc. the creepers that bloom also add beauty to the landscape. Since they grow quickly, creepers are ideal for a fast and noticeable change. Also, they take up little to no ground space (unless used as ground cover).


Plantation will be carried out in 11 parks including five city parks and six colony parks in the initial stage. Creepers will also be planted on roadside trees, with special attention to those which bloom in winter, as it is a major tourist season.

“After the initial phase, the creepers will be introduced in other city parks to provide them a new look,” said a BDA official.



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