Biden Announces Delivery of Air Defence Systems to Ukraine, Criticises Russia’s War Effort

Washington: During a NATO summit commemorating its 75th anniversary, US President Joe Biden declared the United States’ commitment to provide Ukraine with crucial air defence systems amidst ongoing conflict with Russia. Biden, alongside leaders from NATO member nations, announced that the US, along with Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, and Italy, will furnish Ukraine with five additional tactical air-defence systems.

Highlighting the support, Biden emphasised that more air defence systems will be delivered in the coming months to bolster Ukraine’s defences against Russian missile threats. He underscored the importance of maintaining Ukraine’s frontline position against Russian aggression.

Biden criticised Russia’s handling of the war, asserting that Russia is faltering and suffering significant losses. He cited over 350,000 Russian casualties and noted a large exodus of Russians leaving their country due to disillusionment with its future prospects.

Reflecting on the resilience of Ukraine, Biden reaffirmed its sovereignty and independence despite Russian efforts to undermine it. He praised Ukraine’s steadfastness and resilience over the past two and a half years of conflict, rebuffing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s expectations of NATO weakening.

“NATO is stronger today than ever before,” Biden affirmed, addressing Putin’s miscalculations about NATO’s resilience and Ukraine’s determination to defend its sovereignty.

The delivery of additional air defence systems aims to bolster Ukraine’s defence capabilities and safeguard its cities against ongoing air attacks, underscoring continued Western support amid the conflict’s escalation.

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