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Attention Taxpayers: Register Digital Signature Certificate Afresh; Know How To Do It

New Delhi: Taxpayers will have to register their digital signature certificate (DSC) once again on the newly-launched Income Tax e-filing portal —

According to the Income Tax department, this has been because the earlier digital signature on the old portal cannot be migrated.

“Please ensure that you re-register your current valid DSC on the new e-filing portal from June 7th onwards. The earlier DSC registration on the old portal cannot be migrated due to security and technical reasons,” stated a communication from the IT department.

A digital signature certificate is the digital equivalent of a certificate that authenticates a person’s signature. A DSC has been granted same status as handwritten signature under the IT Act, 2000. If an individual’s DSC is present on any virtual or digital document, it means that the person has authenticated it.

For registering the DSC, the taxpayer must be a registered user of the e-Filing portal with valid user ID and password.

How to register DSC on the new portal:

* The authorized signatory or individual will have to log into the E-filing website ( using the login particulars such as the user ID which may be your Aadhar Number, PAN or any other ID and password of the company/firm/HUF/Individual etc.

* Click on ‘My Profile’ from the Dashboard

* At the left side of the screen, click on the ‘Register DSC’

* Enter the linked mail id then select ‘I have downloaded and installed emsigner utility’ and click on ‘Continue’

* Select the provider and certificate, enter provider password, click on ‘Sign’

* If the validation is successful then a message will be displayed with the option to go to the Dashboard.