Artificially Hatched Eggs Anyone? Call This Young Odisha Entrepreneur Who Will Give You Dozens Of Them

Balasore: Now, here’s a boy who made use of YouTube in a constructive way. If most youngsters follow suit, no parent is ever going to resent their children glude to YouTube.

A college dropout (due to health reasons) from Khaira in Balasore, Ajay Sahu, 17, was restless sitting idle at home. He felt he was a burden on the family and wanted to supplement the family income. He would surf the net for hours looking for use of technology in agriculture and allied sectors. One day, he chanced upon a link that showed how to hatch eggs artificially. He followed it dilligently and managed to learn the technology and successfully experimented its use.

He made a business out of it at home and is earning decently. His device has three components for maintaining the right moisture, temperature and light. He had invest Rs 2000 for it. Now, he is making such machines himself and selling them for Rs 3000 each.

Eggs are kept in the box for 21 days and then hatched. Each box has a capacity of hatching 100 eggs and the hatching success is 80 to 100 per cent.

“Poultry traders can make use of his device at low cost and earn enough to have good income,” he added.

“If one learns the technology on YouTube and makes use of it in the right manner, the scope for self-employment is opened up automatically,” he said.

His device has been a hit among poultry farm traders from Oupada, Bhadrak, Fatehpur, Anandapur and even in Cuttack.

Needless to say, his parents, Balaram and Kanaklata Sahu are on top of the world.

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