An Apple Connects Modi With The World

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known to be a tech-savvy politician who has a large following on social media platforms. And he has said on record that he keeps a tab on comments and reactions on Twitter, even while on the go. But what is the cellphone that he uses to stay connected with the world.

According to reports published in Mint and Economic Times, Modi uses an Apple phone. Besides, he admires other Apple-made gadgets to stay connected. 

His US counterpart Donald Trump is also an avid i-Phone user, even though his secret service agents insist on him using the highly-secured Blackberry phone.

Amit Shah: The Home Minister, the next in command in the Modi administration, is also an Apple fan and uses the latest Apple XS.

Dharmendra Pradhan: The BJP leader from Odisha, who holds charge of both the petroleum and steel ministries, uses both Apple as well as an Android-based device.

Nitin Gadkari: A key minister in the Narendra Modi cabinet, the Road, Transport and Highways Minister carries more than two cellphones with him. One of his aides once told this correspondent that he prefers Android-based phones because of the user-friendly interface.

Nirmala Sitharaman: The Finance Minister, who is busy giving finishing touches to the upcoming budget, keeps her engagements restricted to her Twitter account. But little is known about which phone she carries. Her predecessor Arun Jaitley was known to possess an Apple phone.

Faggansingh Kulaste: The Minister of State for Steel uses an i-phone and a Samsung key pad phone.

Most of these leaders are also active on Facebook and Instagram, given Modi’s push for digital India and engaging with the populace at large. As per the latest estimates, 40 per cent of the mobile users in the country owns a smartphone.

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