Air India Launches ‘FogCare’ Initiative; Know How It Will Benefit Passengers

New Delhi: There’s good news for Air India flyers.

The Tata-owned airline has launched the ‘FogCare’ initiative to minimise disruption caused by delays and cancellations due to foggy winter conditions.

Air India will henceforth proactively reach out to customers during foggy weather and provide them an option to reschedule or cancel their impacted flights at no extra cost.

Advance alerts will help passengers decide on whether or not to travel to the airport and possibly avoid long queues.

‘FogCare’ will start off with flights to and from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Airline operations often go haywire due to foggy and hazy conditions, especially in north and east India, in mornings and evenings of winter months. Consequently, passengers are impacted with their planning and schedule going for a toss at times.

Air India’s thoughtful initiative will surely be welcomed as a preventive measure to minimise disruption caused by fog.

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