After Gehlot’s Apology, Sonia Gandhi To Decide On Rajasthan CM In A Day Or Two

New Delhi: Ashok Gehlot has pulled out of the Congress presidential election and apologized to Sonia Gandhi for the rebellion by MLAs of his faction on Sunday who opposed Sachin Pilot taking over as chief minister if Gehlot was elected for the national role.

But whether three-time CM Gehlot will continue in the hot seat after the drama that unfolded in Jaipur will be decided by Sonia.

Senior Congress leader KC Venugopal said on Thursday, after meeting the party’s interim president, that she will, in a day or two, take a decision on Rajasthan CM.

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Congress high command was miffed after MLAs supporting Gehlot defied central observers to hold a parallel meeting to seek Gehlot’s continuation as CM or a guarantee that Pilot – who had revolted against Gehlot two years ago — won’t replace him.

Former Rajasthan Deputy CM Pilot will also meet Sonia in New Delhi this evening.

Gehlot was the first to declare his interest in contesting for the Congress presidential election, scheduled to be held on October 17.

But now the scenario has changed.

Digvijaya Singh and Shashi Tharoor are likely to battle for the big post, in what the latter described as “not a battle between rivals but a friendly contest” between colleagues.

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