81-Year-Old Former Odisha MP Goes Back To ‘Being A Student’

Bhubaneswar: The indomitable zeal of an octogenarian politician from Odisha to pursue a PhD is an inspiration for all young students.

Meet 81-year-old Narayan Sahu, a two-time MLA from Pallahara and former MP of Deogarh, who is now doing his PhD on Srimad Bhagavad Gita from Utkal University.

Speaking of his change of heart and veering towards higher studies, Sahu said he had decided to quit politics after winning the Lok Sabha election from Deogarh in 1980.

“I quit politics in 1984 and spent my days with my family and going on pilgrimages till 2009. As I had done my graduation in Economics from Ravenshaw College (now university) in 1963, I decided to pursue my post-graduation and applied for admission to Utkal University. I still remember the day when I received a call from Utkal University to say that I was selected for admission. I was overwhelmed with joy,” Sahu said.

Sahu, who later completed his post-graduation in Philosophy in 2011 and M.Phil in 2012, is now doing the PhD on Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

“I am yet to complete my PhD thesis. As Utkal University has a rule that no student can stay in the hostel for more than five years, the university authorities have asked me to vacate the hostel. But the hostel warden has allowed me to stay for another six months. Pursuing higher studies at this age, the experience of spending and sharing time with the hostel inmates is something which I cannot express. I wish that the lives of people should be as exciting as me. I have returned to my student days after 46 years. I will continue my studies till my last breath,” said Sahu, who has written his autobiography ‘Samarpita Atmara Kahani’.

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