Batty Gul! Winged Menace ‘Cut Power’ To MP Towns

Bhopal: As Madhya Pradesh continues to reel under frequent and unscheduled power cuts, officials of the state electricity company have blamed bats for the woes.

The officials claimed that these flying mammals were causing faults in the supply lines, especially in the state capital of Bhopal, news agency PTI reported on Saturday. The officials said bats hanging on the power supply lines sometimes cause short circuits, which ultimately lead to outages.

This claim has triggered a fresh round of blame game between the Kamal Nath-led Congress government and the opposition BJP.

The saffron party said instead of giving these kind of excuses, the power utility and the state government should work in a responsible manner, while the ruling Congress said there was no crisis as MP was a power surplus state.

State Energy Minister Priyavrat Singh, however, contended that overloaded power transformers and not bats could be the main reason behind the power outages.

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